A collection of covers of some of my favorite songs growing up

an oldie we have been finishing up for the last 7 years. Mostly my fault it is taking so long. Almost the way it should be, I feel. Inspired by Marvel Comics, D and D, and the Wheel of Time. This song is first of the trilogy including the Quickening and Armor Class respectively. Some of our finest work as a recording project band. Off of the Emergence of Noise LP coming soon!

Ghostwalk written by Kael Weis

Featuring Zack Mazer and Damien Page

Everywhere Danger! covers a classic PAVEMENT song, guest starring Ghost Pilot on main lead guitar.

A waltz I wrote recently. Still needs some work but I am very proud of it so far.
Lyrics added below via a friendly request.

The Dude Abides
by Kael Janson Weis, 2013

Mice in their mazes,
and fireflies in jars
Googly eyed komodo dragons look at you like your so far away
but you’re safely in range
you’re safely in range….

Best mind your manners and hold your applause
we’re weary washed up wankers holding the fort down for the cause
aren’t we?
yeah, we play to our needs

Ants manically managing our maniples
while mildly marching to meet their mark
but there’s a very vexing veal of variables
and the queen runs us hard.
Don’t you?

Girl, if you only knew
what you put this dude through.

All you bah blah bleep speaking sheeple
wearing your big boy people pants out to the bars,
please move further faster martyrs or you’ll end up in the under armor of my car
don’t say I won’t, bitch I’ll run you down

Girl, don’t say I won’t
Girl, don’t even front. Hey.

We’re furry bearded mages like angels with harps
plucking S.O.S. distress messages out on guitars
to you
if you only knew.

Girl, don’t say I won’t
Girl, don’t even front
Girl, Girl, Girl,
if you only knew,
you’d be all like ……. Dude!?

You’re orcs waving banners while riding on their wargs
we’re woe woven warriors fighting back the darkness from your heart,
from you.
If you only knew
all this is for you.

Girl, don’t say I won’t
Girl, don’t even front
Girl, Girl, Girl,
if you only knew,
you’d be all like ……. Dude!?

Nighty Nigh to all you lighter folks
go and park your toy cars
and dream.

Wayside your means,
whatever that even means
Girl Girl Girl if you only knew
you’d be all like Dude!?

the Melodic Plague and the Emergence of Noise. Damien Page, Jon Spearly and Kael Janson Weis. Epic Helm pt 2